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Bowel problems and acne

akne i zhktAs a result of clinical researches, experts have found that the intestines and pimples on the face and body of the person linked much more closely than you might think. Therefore, if a dermatologist refers a patient who is suffering from acne, the first thing you need to be carefully investigated, in order to exclude the probability of presence of inflammatory process in the gastrointestinal tract or disorders in the stomach.

What tests your doctor will recommend?

In order to identify bowel problems, enough to make a few simple, but at the same time, highly effective tests:

  • The analysis on a dysbacteriosis. The result shows the presence of pathogenic microorganisms that trigger the development of inflammatory reactions. Once tested, you need to contact the doctor, who based on these data, will appoint the appropriate medication for the intestines. Acne correction of microflora in the digestive tract helps not fast, but the effect of well-conducted treatment lasts much longer than various creams and masks.
  • A gastroscopy. This method of research gives a clear idea of the condition of the stomach, or rather its mucous membrane. The presence of ulcers, lesions and foci of inflammation evidence of gastritis. Consequently, the disturbed microflora of the stomach, there is an active development of pathogenic microorganisms and the result will be the formation of acne.
  • Laboratory blood tests. According to their results will be judged on whether the person has any problems with the pancreas, liver or gall bladder.

Only after the examination, the doctor will make the decision about what prescribed medication for intestinal acne will be most effective. Depending on the treatment regimen may require the use of an antibiotic, and then of course a drug that can restore the normal microflora. The ideal solution would be the use of complex treatment aimed at addressing problems with the intestines and drying themselves acne.

Map the location of pimples

Dermatologists have established that the location of the acne can give very accurate information about what occurs on the problem. A kind of "map spots" will help to Orient with the fact that the specialist must pay special attention. So where did acne?

  • Chin. Localization of acne in this place speak about the problems with the digestive system.
  • Whiskey. Here we are talking about the disturbance in the gallbladder.
  • Acne on the nose talking about the fact that the patient, the probability of the inflammatory process in the bronchi.
  • Above the nose between the eyebrows acne localized in that case, if the person suffers from various pathological processes in the liver.
  • Cheeks can be affected when a patient is exposed to regular colds or other lung damage.

This "map acne" will help the specialist to focus efforts on finding problem body which will cause the formation of inflammatory reactions on the skin. But what caused such a close relationship between the gut and the acne?

Actually, the answer lies in basic knowledge of Microbiology. Pathogenic microorganisms in the course of their life in the human gut produce toxins. It toxins and cause poisoning of the body,decreased immunity and, consequently, reducing the protective functions of the skin.

Once the natural barrier of the skin ceases to protect it from invasion of pathogenic microorganisms and impaired secretion of the sebaceous glands, the probability of formation of acne is much improved. Obstruction of the ducts of the glands leads to the thickening of sebum and bacteria use it as the perfect environment for breeding. The inflammation is formed first in one place, and then the blood spreads to the surrounding tissues.

Food patient

Only a long and complex treatment, in combination with changes in mode of day and correction of the diet allows to get rid of acne. Nutritionists recommend to stick to a few principles in nutrition that will help to alleviate the condition of the patient and will not provoke the formation of new acne. Introduction in the diet of foods rich in fiber, will lead to increased peristalsis and rapid colon cleanse.