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Applications Dimexidum from acne

dimeksid ot pryshejOften simple and inexpensive methods of treatment or care can do a lot more for the most expensive drugs. This also applies to cosmetics. Many have discovered a great remedy for acne Dimexidum. This is a very affordable means. You can buy it in any pharmacy, and its price pleasantly pleased buyers.

How it works?

Dimexidum is a drug which acts as a local anesthetic and also as anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent. It is able to penetrate the membrane barrier (in particular, through the skin) and act at the cellular level. It is not an antibiotic, but thanks to the good permeability, it enhances the effects of all medicines, including antibiotics. This property of the drug guided by those beauticians who advise to add it in various masks. The effectiveness of masks is much increased, as the solution Dimexidum acts as a kind of conduit for all the nutrients that we are trying to nourish the skin through any mask. It is used in the treatment of various skin diseases and surgery for removal of inflammations and infections.

Contraindications and side effects

As with any drug Dimexidum has its contraindications. First, because it can cause burns of the skin, and secondly, because it is able to hold in the body along with nutrients and all kinds of toxins. Therefore, it must be applied carefully. And pregnant women, people with impaired renal function and liver it is better to abandon the use of this medication.

The use of Dimexidum without testing can cause:

  • Skin rashes;
  • Itchy dermatitis;
  • Burning sensation;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting (mostly because of the smell of the drug);
  • In some rare cases, bronchospasm.

How to apply?

Before you apply it, you need to conduct a simple self-testing. Prepare it in solution in a ratio of 1:5, soak a cotton ball to them and apply on the inner part of the elbow joint. Press and hold 10-15 minutes. If not after this procedure, any rash, you can safely use dimexide for the treatment of acne with masks and lotions.

Masks and compresses

Prophylactic antiseptic masks, familiar to you, you can do with the addition of Dimexidum in the ratio of 1:10. Enough to prepare such a mask 1 time a week. Reviews from those who used such masks are very positive: smooth complexion, smooth skin.

Treatment need to carry out solution preparation 1:5, and if the skin is responding normally, you can use a solution of 1:3. To cauterize each zit individually, using q-tips.

Acne is very effective compresses with a solution of the drug, which is used twice a week.


At home you can prepare the mash. To do this, 50 ml dilute doxycycline (20 tablets) and shake periodically during the day. Then add to mash 150 ml of distilled water andagain shake well. This means you need to lubricate the foci of inflammation twice a day for three weeks. After the medicine is absorbed, you need to apply a moisturizing neutral cream, as dimexide dries and tightens the skin.

With Dimexidum also treated skin rash caused by subcutaneous mite, Staphylococcus and other microbes, causing inflammation. Use the mash prepared by the method described above. In combination with her instead of moisturizing cream should be applied on the skin a mixture of ointments: clotrimazole, sulfuric, sintomitsinovoy and solcoseryl in the ratio of 1:1:1:1.