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Does toothpaste pimples?

zubnaya pasta ot pryshejMan meets on his appearance, first and foremost, when Dating pay attention to his face. Of course, everyone wants to look perfect and respectable. But how, if nature has given skin problems, or there are temporary exacerbations, which are accompanied by attractive rash in form of pimples.

In General, to reduce the risk of new inflammations on the face or body, experts recommend to follow the simple rules of personal hygiene. However, these tips do not help to solve the problem.

Also, there is a huge variety of cosmetic products and modern procedures, which, as the advertising can get rid of this scourge. However, people suffering from rash on the face, mainly not very often turn to salons to the experts. Sometimes this is due to lack of time, and sometimes with the lack of material resources. Because the solution to such problems lies in the repeated appeal to the doctor, and sometimes full of expensive survey of the whole body. As even a specialist to find the source of the problem and eradicate it, you need to know about your body and flowing in it processes everything.

Therefore, the majority of people who suffer from unsightly lesions on the face or body, try to solve the problem is not with the help of experts in the salon or clinic, but at home and with the help of improvised means. And sometimes their methods of getting rid of acne have a fairly unconventional approach. For example, many people know this remedy from acne as a normal toothpaste.

Judging by the reviews — it helps!

According to the reviews of those who tried to fight acne using toothpaste – this remedy really helps. The only recommendation for her choice – you should not choose to combat pimples any color or gel paste. You must use paste, classic white color, and preferably with the components of any of the medicinal herbs:

  • sage;
  • eucalyptus;
  • chamomile;
  • with extract of oak bark.

And how to use it?

So, let us consider the procedure of struggling with acne – it consists of two simple steps:

  1. Before bed point moves, apply the toothpaste directly on inflamed areas of skin;
  2. In the morning, with warm water, you must remove it from the face.

The positive effect of this procedure is mainly due to:

  • the pores;
  • contraction porosity of the skin;
  • some drying of the skin.

So, what do people who have experienced the effect of this wonder drug using toothpaste can in one night to remove inflammation from the face and to get rid of acne. The main thing to remember is that pasta is a means for cleaning the teeth, so to avoid serious allergic reactions and other negative effects, yet pre-test this method on a small area of the skin.