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Solarium — assistant in the fight against acne!

solyarij ot pryshejHiking in the Solarium — the fashion trend of our women, and even men, especially in the winter. The solar miracle-the chamber is credited with many beneficial properties. Indeed, sunlight is largely beneficial to our body. In particular, we all notice it on our skin. She becomes smoother in the summer, getting more healthy. Given this, many decided to try the Solarium for acne. Especially that nowadays you can purchase a home tanning bed and sunbathing without leaving your home.

What happens to our skin in tanning booths?

Speaking that have some effect on the skin, to give only positive or only negative opinion in favor or against Solarium impossible. It all depends on your individual circumstances. Its current strength is the UV rays. The same rays which in summer, many protect themselves, applying special creams. A property of the ultraviolet close to the properties of antibacterial agents. They disinfect, i.e., kill bacteria. That is, bacteria multiply and cause skin inflammations and as a result, the appearance of pimples and acne.

That's why the condition of our skin gets better in the summer. And, I must say that many after going to the Solarium pimples and acne if not disappeared altogether, have become smaller and less inflamed, less noticeable. Were also seen positive results after his visit to those who were on the face postpreview scars (post-acne). In most cases, these scars were leveled.

In some cases it is better to abandon the Solarium?

Before you run to the Solarium, you need to remember that there are conditions under which the use of "artificial sun" impossible.

  1. Excessive UV rays lead to the growth of tumors and different formations. So, if your family has a predisposition to cancer, it is better not to take chances. Not worth it, for the same reason, to substitute for ultraviolet rays the skin is covered with abundant moles and birthmarks, not to provoke the transformation of these entities into malignant.
  2. Contraindicated ultraviolet radiation people who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, bronchial asthma and tuberculosis. Contraindications also include diseases of the kidneys (insufficiency), thyroid, hematopoietic and nervous system.
  3. If your skin is covered hyperpigmentaion spots or purulent rashes, and also if you have dermatitis or Vitiligo disease characterized by white spots on the face and body, going to the tanning salon you absolutely contraindicated. Dry skin under UV exposure even more dehydrated, so it can become inflamed, and the condition worsens.
  4. Not to visit the Solarium women during pregnancy and lactation, and also during menstruation.
  5. Also it is contraindicated children under 14 years of ageand people with skin type: very light, prone to erosion and very sensitive to sunlight.
  6. Be sure to consult a doctor if you are taking any medicines or use of medicinal ointments and creams. Reception of antibiotics, antidepressants, birth control hormonal methods, some pain relievers is also a contraindication to visitSolarium.
  7. It is not recommended to combine artificial and natural tan in a single day.

You need to remember that the maximum number of tanning sessions in the tanning bed should not exceed 15 in a month and 50 a year.

Pimples after tanning — it happens sometimes

If you consider all contraindications, it is possible to derive maximum benefit from the solar camera. However, we must remember that after some time after the procedure there may come a kind of fever. Many have noticed new pimples after tanning. What is the reason? When ultraviolet light affects our skin, it's coarse, its top layer dies. Dead skin cells, in turn, clogs the pores. This is the reason for the appearance of some new pimples and blackheads. To prevent the clogging of the pores, we carefully monitor the cleanliness of the skin cleansing and anti-inflammatory mask regularly.

Let the sun's rays will bring your skin health!