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Teen acne — how to cure acne vulgaris?

podrostkovye pryshiTeenage acne is a common problem affecting the lives of young people. While it generates a large number of complexes and a certain lack of confidence. For the children-adolescent acne in their age become the main problem. It is only necessary to perform the query ranking in the famous search engines, and you can see that the answer to the question: "how to get rid of acne" every day looking for a large number of Internet users.

As a result, in the course are all known methods that sometimes are ineffective and very dangerous. For example, many every day torturing his face, trying manually to get rid of acne, treat who need to regularly and comprehensively. Attempt to squeeze their face lead to the ingress of dirt and bacteria into the subcutaneous layers. With self-elimination, you get rid of them, but quite the contrary, to increase their number.

There are special therapeutic systems that help to get rid of teenage acne. She is treated by the constant care of the skin using special medical ointments, creams and medicines.

Why do I get acne in adolescents and how to treat them?

There are several answers to this urgent question:

  1. Improper diet;
  2. Hormonal changes;
  3. The lack of vitamins.

Each of the above reasons requires regular treatment. You need to know more detail each of the causes and to understand why one or the other reason contributes to the emergence of this problem.

Perhaps, the main cause of acne is puberty, during which an increase in the content of male hormones in adolescents of both sexes. This is the reason for the formation of excessive subcutaneous fat, and, ultimately, the formation of youthful acne on his forehead and face.

To increase the likelihood of acne may inadequate intake of vitamin A, necessary for regulation of work of sebaceous glands. They can appear as a result of lack of vitamin B, which is almost absent in food, so beloved by adolescents: chips and other harmful food. By acne at this age become more common.

All of the above reasons lead to inflammation on the face. But with the right nutrition and care this problem can be minimize or completely avoid it.

Tips that work

Pimples in adolescence are often difficult to remove completely, because the reasons lie not in the external factors and changes in the body. Regular daily treatments for the skin, stabilizing hormones, and proper nutrition can work wonders, and eventually the acne will come to naught.

  1. Everyday you need to thoroughly clean your face with special cosmetics designed for problem skin. Acne whensuch washing is to lose the main causes of sweat and dirt, dust, who in large number are formed throughout the day.
  2. To get rid of acne you can use soap and sponge. The sponge is supposed to be hard. It must be cut into two equal parts (face and hands). Wet a sponge for the hands with warm water, lather and RUB her hands. Repeat the procedure 2 times. Next, wet the face, take the second sponge is pre-lathered, and double-wipe face in a circular motion. Wash.
  3. A wonderful remedy for acne – skin toning. It is carried out after washing. The result is toning noticeably decreases the number and size of pimples.
  4. You can use a cream that slow down the vigorous activity of the sebaceous glands. This should be a high-quality remedy for acne, as otherwise its use could lead to the opposite effect.
  5. Morning shower and food, enriched with vitamins A and B.

Acne must be treated. To do this you need to constantly, accurately and only high-quality cosmetics. In such case they will become less noticeable, and later disappear altogether.

A mild form of the disease in need of a little advice of a dermatologist. If the disease became more severe, then without delay you must see a specialist. Dr. will diagnose you and determine how to treat acne in a particular case.