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How to apply honey for acne: recipes for masks, scrubs and lotions

medComedones, acne, inflammatory reactions of the skin have become a real scourge of our time. It is difficult to find a person different pure skin and is not familiar with this problem. Masks with honey for facial acne are a wonderful folk remedy, can get rid of comedones and blackheads in no time. Why is he a part of almost all compounds designed to fight inflammation and acne?

The honey has strong antiseptic and nourishing effect. In folk medicine, there is a huge number of different honey masks for acne face for every taste. It only remains to choose the most suitable to you and begin a course of treatments.

Types of masks

Honey facial masks from vegetables, fruits and dairy products work more efficiently. For example, a mixture of grated raw potatoes with honey in half reduces inflammation, but it is necessary to keep at least half an hour in the form of a bandage.

  • Mix lemon juice and honey ( 1:1), would make a great cleansing mask.
  • Instead of a scrub a mixture of honey with oats. The systematic use of you can forget about the comedones on the face.
  • For normal skin type good mixture of a tablespoon of honey with eight drops of lemon juice and a spoon of oatmeal. Keep it to 15 minutes.
  • Dry skin nourishes the mixture of honey (1 Dec. L.) with the yolk and a slice of rye bread. The bread to soften in warm milk and mix with beaten egg yolk and honey. The mask turns warm from the milk, cools about 20 min.
  • Fish oil and honey in equal proportions is also suitable for oily flaky skin.
  • Lotion natural. A teaspoon of honey and the tincture of calendula mixed with a glass of water. It is recommended to wipe the face after washing.

Select the right jury

Facial masks from acne with honey can have various side effects. The skin is sensitive to certain products. Before each new procedure needs to check the body's reaction to components included in the composition, by applying a small amount of the mixture on the wrist.

Do not worry about acne during menstruation or pregnancy, this is a temporary phenomenon. However, before that, as prophylaxis, the facial skin is recommended to be cleaned with a solution of clay with honey. Clay dissolves it. And honey, mixed with cucumber juice is harmless even for Allergy sufferers.

  • Olive oil, honey 50 grams and 1 raw egg yolk — so tender homemade cream suitable for almost everyone.
  • The original mask of honey for acne salt, warm milk and potato starch, all take equally. You can hold the face up to half an hour.
  • A good effect has such a composition: in a tablespoon of honey to drip 4 drops of iodine and hydrogen peroxide, pour 1 — 2 teaspoons of aloe juice.

Honey varieties

  • Calming effect Kapranova honey (flowers Ivan-tea) increases, if it is diluted with water and two aspirin.
  • A wonderful healing from acne happens when we use masks first may honey.
  • Spicy lime honey with ground nutmeg as well reduces inflammation, and moisturizes the skin.
  • Bashkir honey from the eucalyptus tree treats irritation and redness of the skin.
  • Cinnamon and honey for acne 1:1 — such a mixture is goodpeeling, especially if you take a light acacia honey. He is hypoallergenic.

The use of other bee products

Aging skin with small pimples is hard to heal simple recipes.

  • Take a teaspoon of honey and 2 tablespoons of natural beeswax, a little (for softness) of olive oil and 5 drops of Royal jelly. Placed in a 10% aqueous solution of propolis, put on a quiet fire for 10 minutes. Blend the cooled composition at 20 min. This procedure cleans and tightens pores.
  • To get rid of spot redness on the face will help the following composition. Honey and propolis (1 teaspoon), 5 drops of olive oil, 50 g of blue clay, three drops of essential tea tree oil. The components are mixed and the mixture is distributed evenly in the face. 20 mins is enough to see the effect.
  • Another great recipe from the pollen. The following ingredients: pollen, fresh mountain juice, olive oil and honey ( 1:2:2:3). The composition relieves irritation and redness of the skin, acne disappear almost completely.

What to do in case of a persistent rash on the face?

It so happens that during the treatment at home no one mask does not fit, but acne appear more and more. In such difficult situations, it is best not to self-medicate. Early consultation with a dermatologist and preventive treatments will help prevent the effects of acne.

The doctor in addition to topical treatment often appoints a special honey diet normalizing metabolism. Drug treatment is often combined with folk recipes.

In any case, you need a competent approach to their health. Many products have a high activity, so it is necessary to comply with the prescribed dosage in the preparation of a mask for the face, a compress or lotion.