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How to use potassium permanganate from acne?

margancovka ot pryshejPotassium permanganate or simply potassium permanganate is widely used in medicine and everyday life. It is familiar to us from childhood antiseptic. In a weak solution of potassium permanganate bathe newborn babies, more concentrated processed skin areas where there are ulcers or inflammation. Feedback after application of potassium permanganate very positive.

Mechanism of action

I must say that the treatment of the skin with potassium permanganate favorably with the treatment of different kinds of drugs containing antibiotics. The fact is, the microorganisms causing the inflammation, antibiotics are highly addictive or resistance. Therefore funds containing antibiotics, prove ineffective. To the same powerful oxidizing agents as potassium permanganate biological mechanisms of adaptation of microorganisms does not exist, so the potassium permanganate solution is effectively applied even in purulent surgery. Potassium permanganate from acne are also widely used in cosmetology.

At home without spending a lot of effort, time and money, you can always use potassium permanganate against acne. After preparing a treatment solution of potassium permanganate, you will always have in the fridge wonderful remedy for pimples on back, chest or other parts of the body. To treat acne on the face with the help of potassium permanganate should be careful, as after it there are traces of brown, and if the area of inflammation is large enough, accordingly, a person will have unsightly. But to apply solution for the treatment of a single acne on the face is quite possible.

Tips for use

Prepare the solution

To prepare a healing solution of potassium permanganate, it is necessary to prepare a clean, dry glass bowl, which you can then cover tightly and leave in the fridge. The usual utensils used for cooking are not suitable. It is best to take pharmacy vial 100 ml This volume is enough for use within one week. The solution is preparing fast and simple, so that later you can always cook a fresh batch. Crystals of potassium permanganate should be dissolved in hot distilled water. To dissolve gradually, stirring constantly and adding new portions. Such a process should be performed while the crystals did not cease to be dissolved in water. A few of them will remain indissoluble in the bottom of the dish.

When the solution has cooled to room temperature, it will turn to liquid, opaque dark purple, almost black in color. This solution dries pimples almost instantly, spreading the smell of ozone.

Burned correctly

It is very important to apply it on clean skin, so before applying you need to take a shower with soap or shower gel. Without this, the effectiveness of treatment with potassium permanganate is immediately reduced. Any sort of creams or ointments after a shower is not needed.

Best before the procedure to wear plastic gloves to avoid staining of the skin.

When multiple pimples, you can use a cotton pad or swab with a single simple cotton swab. The swab or the tip of a cotton swab should be pressed tothe affected area of the skin for 1-2 seconds. Maybe for a few minutes, a mild tingling sensation or tingling.

In order not to stain your clothes, allow to dry thoroughly, the solution on the skin. You should not wear light coloured clothing immediately after the procedure.

Dark brown spots on the skin of the potassium permanganate can be removed using ascorbic acid. To do this, wet a cotton swab to apply the powder of ascorbic acid to treat blemishes. This way, you must be careful to apply to the skin of the face, and other parts of the skin it is well suited.