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An overview of the Clearwin cream: application, composition and drug

ClearwinAppeared on drugstore shelves cream Klirvin became a kind of discovery for many consumers. It is used not only from stretch marks, age spots, and acne. Clearly following instructions you can obtain great results, as evidenced by multiple reviews patients.


In the Klirvin are herbs grown in India. Some very well known, and the name of the other many patients first encounter on the packaging of this cream. Hard, lodhra, aloe Vera, turmeric, CIFAL, manjishtha, Vacha, him. These components represent the active current part of the drug. No less effective, Tulsi, samaire, beeswax, Tankan Bhasma, Bhasma yasada, and also the basis for cream.


Clearwin one of the preparations of Ayurveda. It is composed of extracts of herbs that effectively act on the deep layers of the skin, vitamin E of natural origin, as well as active antioxidants. The result is improved elasticity and firmness of tissues. Active ingredients improve microcirculation. The use of Clearwin on the face, improving blood circulation, at the same time helps to reduce bags under the eyes. Components of the cream moisturize the upper layers of the skin while restoring its moisture balance. And natural oils contained in it, make the skin smooth, elastic and delicate.


Before using the cream Klirvin you need to prepare the skin. For this pre-cleansing. Can be used as ordinary soap, gel or foam cleanser, and specialized tools recommended by the dermatologist. If you plan to apply on the face thoroughly to remove makeup residue. You can use the scrub to exfoliate the dead skin layer. After the skin is cleaned and dried you can apply a drug. A small number of Klirvin is applied twice a day. Gentle circular movements need to RUB the cream until completely absorbed. For stable results experts recommend to apply the medicine daily for several weeks. The positive effect will be noticeable after 4-6 weeks.

During pregnancy, doctors advise to use Clearwin as a preventive measure against stretch marks. Apply and RUB the cream until completely absorbed. To use the drug, starting with the fourth month. The use of Klirvin for the correction of already existing stretch marks, you will need to continue for three to four months.

Acne drug is also used twice a day. The application is done on clean skin. Until a stable therapeutic effect may take three to four weeks.

Indications and contraindications

The cream is used to treat skin injuries and is also used with the aim of restoring its elasticity.

  • Prevention and removal of stretch marks during pregnancy;
  • The treatment of acne and comedones;
  • Abrasion;
  • Cuts;
  • Microtrauma;
  • Increased dryness of the skin;
  • Age spots;
  • Laxity and sagging skin;
  • Bags under the eyes.

Given that this drug is completely made on natural basis with a large number of herbs, as contraindications are referred to specialists only an allergic reaction to certain components.

Side effects

Klirvin is not a drug for systemic effects, so its use does not cause the body side effects. Also it is not accumulated andthe Deposit of the components of the cream.

Allergic reactions

Mainly associated with individual intolerance of separate components. The result can be redness, burning, or itching. After discontinuing the use of Klirvin all symptoms of the allergic reactions disappear.

Pregnancy and lactation

As a result, clinical studies have found that the drug reduces the existing stretch marks formed during pregnancy. Also very effective as a preventive means applied starting from the fourth month of pregnancy. For first application, draw the sample for the presence of Allergy to the components of the composition. On the back side of the wrist, apply some cream and wait about half an hour. If during this period of time is not formed redness or started itching and the skin is still the same clean and smooth, then you can freely use Klirvin. If there are changes of the skin it is better to refrain from the use of the drug.