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Treatment of lump on the head of folk remedies — pros and cons

lipoma na goloveSometimes it turns out that fat cell grows, taking the form of a tumor, which can be of different sizes. Such a formation is called a fatty lipoma or a lipoma, and it can appear in any part of the body but most often on the head. If it is composed of nerve endings, it can hurt, but often the swelling is painless.

The lump on the head can be soft (if it includes fatty tissue) and dense (if and connective tissue). The most dangerous type of lipoma, the fat content when connected to the blood system. If possible serious complications. Determine the type can only be a qualified doctor by palpating and by appointing special studies).

The cessation of proliferation and the resorption of formed tumor is the real challenge, and the main method of treatment of lump on the head is surgery. So in any case do not neglect the consultation and before any independent action for treatment or removal of a Wen, and especially on the head. Always consult your doctor! The fact is that any lymph node contains a dense shell, which must be completely removed to stop the growth of tumor. Removal occurs by scraping, sometimes under General anesthesia if the tumor is large.

There are folk remedies for the treatment of lipomas, but to use them with great caution is necessary. It is likely inflammation of the inner content and the capsule can not be removed completely. So proceed very carefully and still pre-consult your doctor.

Traditional methods of treatment of white bumps on the head

  1. Mother and stepmother. You have to put a piece of this plant face during the week.
  2. Kalanchoe. Cut a fresh leaf and apply to the Wen. Secure with a bandage and change every day. To repeat a week.
  3. Red clay. Make a paste of red clay, plain yogurt and a pinch of salt. Put on the head, put a plastic cap, leave on overnight. Repeat 10 days.
  4. Take a teaspoonful of lamb fat, melt. Hot apply to the Wen, can be a little massage (10 minutes). Repeat for a few days, then take a break for a day or two. If he starts to decline, then we should continue the procedure. Do them until complete disappearance of the tumor.

The last method is quite effective, but by careless usage of the fat can get burned, so be extremely careful.