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Jeunesse — rate from acne based on herbs from Germany

gel dzhojnsAs early as 1962 by the German firm of Hildegard Braukmann was engaged in the production of cosmetics of high quality based on vitamins and herbs. And at the beginning of his stay on the market, the company has become a recognized and important partner of beauty Institutes and salons across Europe. Now cosmetics Hildegard Braukmann presented in Russia and the new gel Goines has managed to conquer people suffering from problem of acne. The tool is available at a price that provides not only effective and gentle cleaning of the fatty layer of the skin, but also quickly relieves inflammation, preventing the appearance of a new inflammation.

The principle of care of the imperfections of the skin is its proper cleansing. In effective tactics of cleansing oily skin of the face is the release of clogged pores from dirt (black dots). There must be control microorganisms that contribute to acne, as well as prevention of the stains and scars from them. Because of the increased greasiness glands, clogged pores and unpleasant Shine of the face gets inflamed and groomed appearance. And therefore it must be subjected to more frequent cleaning.

The first error in the care for problem skin – cleansing is the use of alcohol-based preparations of cosmetics. Abazieva such means the epidermis, you get the opposite result, as it begins the active process of filling in the lack of fat with production of more sebum.

Therefore, tonics and lotions made with alcohol, can be safely discontinued. For the proper and efficient cleansing, you can use a series of new Jeunesse from the famous German company Hildegard Braukmann, including two wonderful tools. The choice is made depending on the expected purposes of use:

  • Gel concentrate provides immediate action for spot treatment on each pimple.
  • A preventive gel that can return the skin a healthy lipid balance, making it young and beautiful.

In the composition of both preparations contain only natural substances.

Point concentrated gel made in Germany – Jeunesse with immediate effect or drug SOS — the means of combating skin problems, consists of the following components:

  • Substance bisabolol and farnesol, which has antiseptic properties.
  • Also, the tool contains mint extract, which nicely complements the treatment process is a refreshing fragrance.
    Natural are non-comedogenic substances is perceived by the skin, it does not get used to it. This treatment concentrate is really very effective at the point the struggle with black dots, freeing the pores from the accumulation of dirt and sebum.

The German drug "Joines" – cleansing gel with antibacterial effect cleanser has the following composition:

  • The healing component, based on the extract of lichen tsetrariya (Icelandic moss). Has a blocking property of reproduction of microorganisms in the ducts of the sebaceous glands that helps cleanse the skin of the face. Also helps maintain water and oil balance, clears pores, prevents blackheads and new acne pimples from forming, simultaneously to treat inflammation in old. Home to this relict plants preserved as a relic of ancient times, are the Northern Europe and the Alps.
  • The most powerful antibacterial ingredient of natural origin — panthenol (provitamin B5), providing a moisturizing effect, has a healing and smoothing effect with a softening effect. Also adds elasticity, improves elasticity of the dermis, calming and removing irritation.

This is truly gentle and effective cleansing gel, the natural ingredients which do not cause allergic effects and addiction that radically distinguishes it from the other potent and ineffective makeup to treat acne.

Joines, and treatment of skin problems

Distinctive features of Jeunesse:

  • Multi-purpose therapeutic drug complex action from irritation, redness, pimples and comedones ("black spots").
  • Treatment of chronic dermatosis (acne), which primarily aims to stop the inflammatory process early in the disease.
  • Prevention of problem scarring.
  • The treatment is not accompanied by side effects.
  • The guarantee of rapid and sustainable results.
  • A great help when peeling of the face.
  • Narrows enlarged pores, giving skin youth and health.
  • The drug from natural substances.
  • 100% of the performance of the action of the applied therapeutic agent.
  • Pretty affordable retail price.

Recommendations for policies against problem skin

The highest efficiency of treatment is achieved after 2 – 3 months. When using drugs should follow fairly simple rules:

Twice a day problem skin should be washing gel, Joines. It should not be hard to RUB the face. If the acne is already there, because they only indicate problems in the pores for more than two weeks. Using the gel skin becomes less oily and looks much healthier. There is a pleasant matte finish.

On clean, dry skin in certain places where there are black dots either already have acne, you should gently apply a little bit of the concentrated gel. It can be applied directly on the makeup without disturbing the skin during the day. Joines, eliminate redness, inhibit the further development of microorganisms and will not appear inflammation and black spots.

The use of these drugs, superior to all competitors, will be able to convince you that you should not have to resort to other ineffective means. Take advantage of unique drugs can be ordered over the Internet. Prices are approximately as follows:

  • Gel concentrate", Jeunes" with spot application instant action – 1690 R.
  • Gel preventive action Jeunes" to address the shortcomings of the skin – 1900 R.

You can order the goods with home delivery, payment for which will be made when it is received. On the manufacturer's website periodically held shares (you can buy some of Tebow gel and one will get a gift).

Act properly and you give your face health and beauty. Because the price of these drugs are no more than one trip to the beautician. Do not skimp on health!