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The use of light therapy in cosmetology

fototerapiyaVery popular among regular patients of cosmetic clinics uses light therapy or phototherapy. What caused the increased attention that the patients have this method? What problems can be solved by using phototherapy for the face?

Phototherapy in cosmetology

For the first time the efficiency of light waves in the treatment of age spots, traces of acne and various skin diseases unable to open accidentally. Further research aimed at studying this phenomenon helped to expand the sphere of influence of phototherapy in cosmetology. For a deeper understanding of the process, you must know that there are several types of light therapy. Before you can understand what types you can select, it's important to understand what lies behind the definition of vodolechenie.

Phototherapy (or light therapy) is a method of influence on the skin by the directional beam of the light flux of high density. The impact point helps to solve a variety of problems ranging from age spots and ending with the irregular texture of the skin.

Types of phototherapy

  • The most common is the method of photorejuvenation of the face. At the time of exposure of the light wave is amplified metabolic processes, increases production of elastin and collagen. The result is supple and smooth, taut and silky skin. The procedure can be performed not only on the face. The arms, neck, abdomen and back, inner thighs...
  • Laser or photocoagulation. The method used for removal of telangiectasia, venous grid, of stars formed capillaries. Responds well to such exposure, hemangiomas, port-wine stains and hypertrophic scars. The obvious advantage of this manipulation is the fact that when exposed to the affected vessels surrounding tissue is not injured.
  • Another kind of light therapy helps to combat pigment spots and freckles. The method provides an excellent opportunity to destroy the accumulation of melanin without damaging the surrounding tissue. The duration of the procedures and their number depends on how deep within the dermis lies the accumulation of melanin, as well as the intensity of developing the cells of the tissues.
  • Widespread epilation. This is a simple and at the same time very effective manipulation allows you to destroy hair follicles and thus get rid of as dark and very light hair. The duration of the procedure and their number depend entirely on hair color, skin type and other individual characteristics.
  • Vodolechenie acne — another way to quickly and efficiently get rid of acne. The essence of the method is to apply the light beam directed to the affected area. As a result, there is a destruction of pathogenic microflora and improving the micro-circulation helps to stimulate the drainage function of the dermis. Inflammatory processes are reduced and the lesion quickly restored the normal functioning of the dermis.

The phototherapy

The whole procedure of light therapy is divided into several important stages. The rejection of one of them may lead to irreversible consequences.

  • Pre-consultation. At this time cosmetologist examines the patient, determining the type of the skin, photosensitivity, hair color, presence of pigment spots or freckles. Also is inspection of the lesion and defines the treatment.
  • Collectionhistory. Students must check the presence of certain diseases in which the use of this method is a threat to the health of the patient.
  • Preliminary cleansing of the skin.
  • The application to the impact of a special gel that protects the skin from burns. Eyes should be protected with safety goggles to avoid burns.
  • Directly effect on the skin. During the period of manipulation, the patient may feel a slight tingling sensation and spreading warmth.
  • The average treatment lasts about half an hour.
  • Once the skin is over, the practitioner applies a special formula soothes the skin. Also set the date for the next visit and, if necessary, the doctor gives recommendations for the care of the skin.


According to the results of clinical studies have established the list of pathological conditions in which the use of phototherapy is a serious threat to the health of the patient. So, if you have one of these diseases it is better to abandon the therapy.

  • Malignancy;
  • The active stage of herpes;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Severe form of hypertension;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Diseases of the blood.