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Differin for acne: application and reviews about drug. Which is better cream or gel?

differin gel ot pryshejThe main active ingredient of Differin is a new generation retinoid adapalene is a synthetic analog of vitamin A. This drug is used in diseases of acne and its severity. The positive aspect of its use is the absence of any antibiotics, which allows you to use the cream in the treatment of acne for a long time without the risk of development of addiction to it.

Adapalene acts by keratinization, thereby exerting anti-inflammatory effects. Adapalene is especially effective in treating first signs of acne — comedones. Dermatologists along with differing of pimples and blackheads appointing and treatment of topical or internal antibiotics.

After four to eight weeks to be noticeable the effect of the medication. However, don't stop there. The experience and feedback from patients show that the treatment Differing only perseverance, patience and discipline receive a decent reward. The treatment can be considered complete only after 3 months of treatment. Sometimes the course must be repeated. There are cases of temporary exacerbation of the lesions. This should not scare patients, so that within a few days, the inflammation goes away. To effect a fix, it can still be used within 2-3 months 2-3 times a week.

How to apply

As with treatment with all medications there are instructions for use of the drug, which must be followed in detail to achieve the desired results. Differin is applied before bedtime and leave overnight.

  1. The skin should be clean. Before applying wash your face with foam or gel cleanser that does not dry the skin.
  2. Dry your face with a soft towel or paper towel and wait a few minutes until the face is completely become dry.
  3. Apply Differin need in small dosages invisible on the skin. Extra cream or gel collect with a paper towel.
  4. Do not apply medication to the eye area or lips. If there is a getting medications in the eyes or mouth, they should be immediately washed with warm water several times. Also, do not apply it on damaged or weakened by sunburn skin.
  5. If you feel burning or skin starts to peel, if necessary, you can use a moisturizing cream or medicinal agents such as Panthenol.

What to choose cream or gel?

Differin comes in the form of 0.1% gel and 0.1% cream. Gel is more suitable for oily skin, whereas cream will be well absorbed into dry and sensitive skin. During treatment you should not use cosmetics, and also means that dried skin (peelings, scrubs, abrasive Soaps, alcohol-containing means).

Differin is a very popular medicine among our countrymen. It every can find at your local pharmacy. Its price is quite affordable and more affordable than the cost of many medicines used in the treatment of diseases of acne.


Differin is often prescribed together with other drugs for more effective result, for example, with Skinoren.
You need to remember that this drug should not be treated during pregnancy, breastfeeding. If the detected allergic reaction to the drug in the form of swelling, inflammation or painthe muscles (especially after an overdose, its use should be immediately discontinued.