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Azelic gel — powerful remedy for acne azelaic acid

azelik gelGel Azelik different bacteriostatic activity against Propioni bacterium acne and Staphylococcus epidermidis. Has an inhibitory effect on the growth of abnormal skin cells — melanocytes. In addition protivogribkova action, the drug eliminates unwanted pigmentation, affects the process of keratinization of epidermal cells, improving exfoliation. The drug belongs to the antiseptic means is composed of the active ingredient known as azelaic acid. The gel is available in tubes of 5, 15 or 30, may have another name, skinoren.

The drug is used for:

  • the treatment of acne and nasty blackheads;
  • open and clean clogged pores;
  • eliminate unsightly Shine of oily skin;
  • relieve inflammation;
  • smoothing bumpy topography of the skin;
  • getting rid of post-inflammatory pigmentation.

As you can see, he is able to cope with the several skin problems.

Usage instructions

For treating initial stages of acne can be applied as a separate drug. It is recommended to use every morning and evening for 1 – 5 months.

In severe cases he is assigned in conjunction with other medications. You cannot apply azelic from acne together with other antibacterial agents without consulting a dermatologist. The mixing means is not only will strengthen effect and will weaken him, lead to such undesirable consequences as an allergic reaction, such as rash or flaking.

The gel is applied on clean and dry face, short layer. Movement — slightly rubbing. For application to the surface of the whole entity rather small amounts of money. It's still his one advantage — efficiency.

The first noticeable effect of the application becomes visible already in the 4th week of use.

After applying on the skin it penetrates deep into its layers.

The drug is excreted through the kidneys, partly in unchanged form and partly in the form of dicarboxylic acids.

Counterparts, and price

The drug is drugs – synonyms that have the same active substance, but bearing another name, is: skinoren gel and cream, azelic gel and derm gel.

There are also some analogues, similar in mechanism of action and belonging to the same pharmacological subgroup: Klesic-S, Clindex cream, Fenistil, Resorcinol solution (alcohol).

The price of azelik in Russia was established at the level of 250-300 rubles. per tube of 30 g, which is about 2 times cheaper skinoren.

Be careful

Like any other medical drug, it has contraindications and may give side effects when used.

Be careful that the tool does not get into the eyes and mucous membranes.

Azelic may at the beginning use to have an irritating effect on sensitive skin. This may result in burning, peeling, itching or redness. In such cases, you should try to apply the gel in the first weeks of treatment once a day. Subsequently, these symptoms usually disappear.
During treatment should avoid contact with the skin to direct sunlight.

If you are pregnant, or are breast-feeding a baby – always consultdoctor. Do not risk the health of your baby. But usually means can be applied to future mothers.

Store the drug as any other medication away from children. Do not refrigerate it, and do not expose to heat in excess of 25°C.

Several advantages and misconceptions

When you have problems with the skin, and you begin treatment, often you have to abandon the use of cosmetics. If for some, this will seem insignificant, for some it can turn into a kind of tragedy. With Utilicom you don't have to sacrifice yourself, as it can be applied under makeup and it will not be a hindrance even tone cream.

Some people say you can hear the opinion that this gel on the face there are wrinkles. This is absolutely a misconception. Just some people may appear dry skin as a side effect. This problem is solved quite simple: use a moisturizing cream completely get rid.

Some have doubts about the fact that this gel relieves from blackheads. Zelinova acid to cope with black dots, besides brightens the skin.

Azelic effectively eliminates even the most severe form of acne, and helps to forget about blackheads. Be healthy and beautiful. And Azelic will help you to always have a flawless look and perfect skin.