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Acnestop acne medication azelaic acid

aknestopIs it possible to avoid the occurrence of acne and blackheadsif you are prone to inflammatory reactions of the skin? Is it possible to achieve clean and smooth skin, if for a long time the patient was suffering from acne? What is the price of getting rid of acne? Acnestop helps to cope with various manifestations of acne and after the course of treatment to get perfectly smooth and velvety skin. The manufacturer offers instruction on the use of drugs to each package, and the patient only remains strictly follow it to achieve a stable therapeutic effect.

The composition and pharmacokinetics

The main active substance is presented with azelaic acid. And excipients presented by the monostearate of glycerol, benzoic acid, octyldodecanol, glycerol, propylene glycol and other, less effective compounds.

The preparation is used topically selenova acid easily penetrates in the epidermis and in the dermis. The percentage of drugs that absorb in the bloodstream is relatively small and is only 3.6 %. After suction selenova acid may either be excreted by the kidneys in unchanged form, or to be broken down by the body to dicarboxylic acids.


Acnestop has a rapid and effective impact on acne due to the basic active substance. Selenova acid actively interacts with the propionic bacteria that cause the emergence and the development of acne. Equally important is the fact that selenova acid also has antibacterial effects on staphylococci and streptococci, joining the source of infection at the time of the inflammatory response. The effect of the drug occurs not only on the skin surface, but also within the ducts of the glands, where the accumulation of secretions and the development of inflammation.

Antiproliferative effect, which has selenova acid, greatly facilitates the condition of the skin of the patient. In the result of the oppression of protein synthesis in cells, the cytostatic effect is created, which entails the normalization of keratinization occurring in the follicular wall. It is also worth noting that this significantly slows down the synthesis of fatty acids, an essential cause of acne.

Acnestop helps to normalize the processes occurring inside the ducts of the sebaceous glands in the follicular wall and in the epidermis of the skin. Excessive and excessively rapid cornification of the upper layer leads to blockage of the ducts and the formation of solid sebaceous plugs. Due to the effect of Acnestop significantly adjusted the speed of the processes of keratinization and normalized the rest of the process occurring in cells and tissues.

Anti-inflammatory effect of the use of the drug is expressed in the inhibition of cellular oxidoreductase. The correction (downward) exchange processes in neutrophil granulocytes. These structures are produced by free radicals, causing irreparable harm to the cells. They contribute to premature aging and actively participate in maintaining and enhancing the inflammatory process.

It should be noted that selenova acid greatly reduces the growth and development of abnormal melanocytes causing in most cases the increased pigmentation on the type of melasma.


The duration of treatment is appointed by the specialist depending on the severity of the condition and the individual response touse Acnestop.

Before application it is necessary to conduct a series of manipulations, the purpose of which is preparation of the skin. Using mild cleansers should remove all creams and make up and all impurities accumulated on the skin during a long day. Only after that, on carefully prepared skin with a thin layer of the drug. In a circular motion for several minutes, it is recommended to apply the ointment.

The manual recommends the use of funds twice a day, ie morning and before bed. Its regular use can give a positive result already after the first few weeks, and persistent therapeutic effect is achieved after a couple of months. Depending on the degree of development of acne, may require continuation of treatment up to 6 months.

The tool is not addictive, so it can be used in the long term. Experts point to the possibility of using Acnestop in combination with other treatments, the rate of application and quantity needs to be adjusted in each individual case.

In the treatment of melasma, Acnestop should apply at least 3 months. It is desirable to combine it with drugs, as protecting the skin from exposure to sunlight. In that case, if the specialist makes a decision about re-treatment, you should take a break for a period of 1-3 months. Further, its use is resumed.


As contraindications you can highlight one particularly important point — an individual intolerance.

Only increased sensitivity to the components Acnestop become a hindrance for its application. Flaking, irritation, redness, itching — these symptoms are possible at the initial stage of therapy. You should consult with a specialist who will take a decision on termination or continuation of the treatment.

Pregnancy and lactation

It is established that the drug has no negative impact on the development and growth of the baby. A similar situation exists with lactation.


Specialists are not fixed at the moment not a single case of overdose.

Special instructions

Acnestop is used only locally. Therefore, in the case of getting the substance on the mucous membranes must be washed thoroughly with water. When the manifestation of symptoms of irritation, the use of funds should be reduced to one application a day and consult a doctor.

Melasma, localized in the dermis and epidermis perfectly responds to the use of ointment. If melasma is localized only in the dermis, its use is likely to be ineffective.