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Using aknekutan — potent product based on isotretinoin



The main active ingredient acts as isotretinoin, is a synthetic analogue of vitamin A. It helps in the fight against acne. Among the auxiliary substances are soybean oil, glycerol, esters of stearic acid, polyethylene oxide. In addition, the composition contains esters of oleic acid and sorbitol.
The capsule shell consists of the following: Indigo Carmine, gelatin, titanium dioxide and iron oxide.

Medicinal properties

Using aknekutan is considered to be an effective tool to help with advanced stages of acne. It inhibits the activity of the sebaceous glands, thereby improving the clinical picture. As you know, sebum is a major substrate for the growth of Propionibacterium acnes. Therefore, if you reduce the formation of sebum, will be able to suppress bacterial growth and then to improve the condition of the skin.

Has the following medicinal properties:

  • improves cell regeneration;
  • has an antibacterial effect;
  • has a disinfecting effect;
  • suppresses inflammation;
  • struggling with redness and rash;
  • prevents the appearance of new acne.

After a few weeks you will notice a positive result, and by the end of the course practically to get rid of the problem. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews of doctors and patients.

Counterparts using aknekutan

Patients quite often ask the question, what is better — using aknekutan or Roaccutane. Studies have shown that some individuals, when using using aknekutan positive effect is achieved faster. In addition, this tool has fewer side effects than Roaccutane.

  • Using aknekutan bioavailability is about 20% larger because this drug for several different proportions of excipients
  • Absorption using aknekutan without food is 70% and Roaccutane — 37% (this figure depends on kind of food was adopted by the drug,as the suction is better occur with a simultaneous fatty meal).

As for side effects, they are the same, and in any case will need the supervision of a dermatologist cosmetologist. At the end of the course of taking any means necessary to make coagulogram (blood clotting).
Some care about the price, and it becomes one of the main criteria when choosing a medication. Using aknekutan costs about 20% cheaper than its known counterparts. However, he is not inferior in quality and efficiency.

Indications and contraindications

Recommended for people suffering from severe form of acne. It is prescribed in cases where there is a risk of scarring, and acne can be described as conglobata and nodular-cystic. It helps in case the acne can not be other types of treatment.
The drug is considered a potent and, therefore, has a number of contraindications. They must be considered in order not to face negative consequences.

Cannot be taken in the following cases:

  • in the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • patients with renal insufficiency;
  • during the use of tetracycline;
  • people with hypervitaminosis A;
  • children up to 12 years;
  • with individual intolerance of one component.

Not recommended for people who have a tendency to alcoholism and depression, patients with suicidal tendencies. People who have diabetes or obesity should take using aknekutan under the supervision of a physician.

Side effects

The side effects largely depend on the prescribed dose. When they appearyou should immediately consult the doctor to adjust the treatment, after which the negative effect will disappear. In rare cases, you may need to refuse to accept money. Possible dermatological reactions (itching, skin peeling, hair loss, hyperpigmentation, and hirsutism). There may be pain in the muscles or joints, arthritis, and tendonitis.

The Central nervous system may react to the drug in the following way: there is the likelihood of headaches, fatigue, depression, and high blood pressure. Possible problems with the digestive system – dry mouth, colitis, pancreatitis, nausea.
Almost all side effects are reversible and disappear after discontinuation of the treatment. They arise mostly due to mismatched doses, so it is not recommended to take the medicine without consulting the doctor.

Method of application

Using aknekutan to be taken 1 or 2 times a day, preferably during or immediately after a meal. The dosage appointed by the doctor after examining the patient's condition. Usually in the beginning of the course must be taken at the 300 micrograms per kilogram of body weight per day. Sometimes the dosage is increased, this occurs in severe forms of acne.

Taking this medication can last for weeks 16-30. If the problem persists, you may need a second course after a break.
It is important to follow the dosage and not take the medicine more than 2 times a day. Otherwise, you happen to overdose, which will trigger the appearance of serious side effects. In such a situation, it is recommended to immediately wash out the stomach and see a doctor.


At the time of adoption of the drug should stick to specific rules and recommendations to avoid unwanted consequences. First, you need to try to avoid hard physical exertion and regularly use cosmetics with moisturizing effect for the face and body. Do not carry out hair removal, and dermabrasion and laser therapy. It is advisable not to wear this time of lenses, it is better to replace them with points.

The patient will need to try not to be a long time in the sun and in hot weather use a strong sunscreen. It is important to refrain from driving a vehicle at night due to side effects not to get into an accident.
Must carefully monitor their health and if you feel unwell immediately contact doctor. Perhaps due to the occurrence of side effects have to stop using the drug or change the dosage. Will be required every 30 days to pass tests in order to be able to notice any changes in the internal organs. The only way the treatment will be safe and will have only a positive impact.